Conference location

The conference will be held at Transylvania University of Braşov.

Transylvania University (UTBv) is a state institution of higher education in Braşov, Romania which, by education, scientific research and the number of students, is one of the great universities of Romania.

Transilvania University of Brasov aims at training highly qualified specialists in the fields of fundamental sciences, technology, economics, law, sociology, arts and medical science as well as at providing knowledge and services for society.

Thus, Transilvania University ensures and develops the resources and instruments necessary for educational and scientific research processes at a level which meets the requirements of The European Space for Higher Education and Research as defined by The Bologna, Copenhagen and Lisbon Declarations and promoted by The National Strategy for Higher Education in Romania.

Conference Center

University offers: 103 days license areas, 12 areas for Distance Education, 5 areas for higher reduced frequency. Masters program (depth or scientific research) means 17 graduate areas, 48 areas Bologna (to date), Bologna 3 fields (ID, FR). Regarding doctorate there are currently 14 areas.